About us


Lila Boyer founded H.O.P.E in 2014, after spending over two decades in the field of human services, specializing in Substance Use Disorders  and having over two decades in personal recovery.  Lila earned her Bachelor's Degree in Professional Studies-Human Services and a Master' Degree in Public Affairs and  Administration. Lila became Credentialed as a Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) and Certified as both an Addiction Recovery Coach (CARC) & Recovery Peer Advocate (CRPA). Lila is a CCAR  TOT (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery) & an NYS OASAS Educational Trainer Provider (ETP). Armed with both a wealth of academic knowledge and experiential knowledge. Lila wanted to extend the H.O.P.E that was extended to her throughout her recovery process, educational, and professional career.  

Who We Are & Our Approach

 H.O.P.E. is comprised of two components; Recovery Support Services and Professional Training & Development.

The Recovery Support Services are for those seeking recovery, in recovery, or professionals seeking to enhance their service delivery by utilizing a Strength-Based Recovery Coaching Model for peer-to-peer support services.

The Professional Training & Development component offers both the CCAR-Recovery Coach Academy 30 - hour training and Ethical Considerations for Peers 16 - hour training for a non- clinical peer-to- peer approach  recovery & wellness. We will soon provide the 350-hour NYS OASAS CASAC training for a clinical approach to addiction & recovery; ALL approved by OASAS

 We have found that like people, organizations are living breathing entities, and no matter what the goal of the individual, professional, or organization; personal or professional each individual or organizations are unique. The one-size-fits-all cookie cutter approach will never help an individual, professional, or organization reach their full potential. We meet people, professionals, and organizations where they are and assist them in developing their own plan  tailored to their goals,  aspirations, and challenges to assist other people growth and develop either personally or professionally. 



  • ​​CARON UNSUNG HERO AWARD September 9, 2015
  • Trained over 500 Recovery Coaches combined at TRTC, Exponents, and Living Positive since September 2014 
  • NYC ING Marathon Finisher 2013